Soda 6 X 1,5 L


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Product code:70712
EAN code:8435068852483
Available: Out of stock
Country of origin: Morocco
Consumer unit (CU): Piece
Barcode (CU): 8435068852407
Net weight in KG (CU): 1,500
Gross weight in KG (CU): 1,596
Length in cm (CU): 9,0
Width in cm (CU): 9,0
Height in cm (CU): 32,5
Sales unit (SU): Tray
Barcode (SU): 8435068852483
Number of CU per Salesunit (SU): 6
Gross weight (SU): 9,600
Length (SU): 18,0
Width (SU): 27,0
Height (SU): 32,5
Amount of SU per Euro-pallet: 84
Amount of SU per pallet layer: 21
Amount of layers per Euro-pallet: 4
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